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For more than half a century, European Catholic Doctors have met regularly in Congress every four years in order to get better acquainted with one another, to discuss together the fundamental themes of disease and health in our common European home, to debate ethical issues and laws which concern the protection of human life, and to pray together.

In the times in which we live there are obvious signs of distress and pain from innocent victims to which we must not be slow to respond.

We’ll discuss the serious issues that concern the European communities today:

  • the tragedies affecting thousands of families who risk their lives to reach the southern beaches in Europe fleeing famine and war;
  • the threats of the blind, brutal, and ubiquitous terrorism in our urban communities;
  • the current bioethical questions about the limits of our knowledge, particularly those relating to the
    beginning and the end of life, and the biological nature of the human being;
  • and the organization of our health systems and provision of care, and their priorities, particularly with regard to the most vulnerable members of our societies.

Discussion topics and tasks to plan or execute won’t certainly be lacking.

The city of Porto offers a very warm welcome to the delegates and guests at the next FEAMC Congress from September 29th to October 2nd, 2016.


François Blin & Alexandre Laureano Santos



AMCP - Portuguese Catholic Medical Association.

FEAMC - European Federation of the Catholic Medical Associations.


For general information about the congress, including registration, please contact us at:
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